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Manchester Medical Waste Recycling

With our medical waste disposal services, you will be able to manage your medical waste to the best of your ability. Keeping up to date with current legislation is crucial to managing your medical waste efficiently and appropriately and here at Professional Waste we do just that. Your medical waste bins are either totally replaced or exchanged on a regular basis and in a discrete manner with replacements that have been thoroughly cleaned or new.  Each customer is free to choose the number and frequency of medical waste collection they wish to have serviced.

We strive to dispose of waste streams in an environmentally responsible manner as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. Contact us on 0161 635 0480. 


Medical Waste Management Manchester

Because of our commitment to our clients and colleagues, we collect, handle, and dispose of your medical waste in the safest possible manner. Medical waste must be properly managed, which includes separation, storage, and disposal. This is not only safer for people and the environment, but it is also required by law. Improper health-care waste management can have both direct and indirect health effects on health-care workers, community members, and the environment. Indirect repercussions include harmful emissions from improper medical waste disposal or the generation of millions of used syringes in three to four weeks as a result of a poorly managed mass vaccination campaign.

The massive amount of plastic used in the medical business is also a major environmental concern. Disposable plastic materials make up 85 percent of all medical equipment. Plastics have a unique potential to be lightweight, cost-effective, and durable while maintaining the sterility of medical devices, which has led to our current reliance on them. The introduction of this quantity of single-use plastics could hasten the health effects of macro and microplastics, as well as the substantial health ramifications of releasing harmful toxins into the environment through medical waste deposits.


Eco-friendly Medical Waste Disposal Methods Manchester

Medical  waste, as well as how it is to be managed, is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom. Medical waste treatment strives to reduce or eliminate the dangers associated with medical waste while simultaneously ensuring its long-term viability. After treatment, the waste should be safe to handle and dispose of. A variety of therapy strategies can be used to achieve these goals. However, medical waste tends to be disposed of by means of incineration though this method is not the best for the environment and economy.

Another more eco-friendly medical waste disposal is called an autoclave. An autoclave sterilizes garbage or reduces its microbial burden to a point where it may be safely disposed of using steam and pressure. Many healthcare facilities utilize an autoclave to disinfect medical items on a regular basis.

 Another method is microwave disinfection. Microwave disinfection can be used to treat biomedical wastes as well. Microwave irradiation is a non-contact thermal disinfection treatment. To successfully heat materials, microwave chemistry depends on microwave dielectric heating effects. When cells are subjected to microwave frequencies, the dipoles of water molecules re-align with the applied electric field. Its primary purpose is to destroy bacteria in order to disinfect waste. 

Medical practitioners and hospitals can dispose of their medical waste safely and securely with the help of high-tech mechanisms such as autoclaving, pyrolysis, gasification, and microwave irradiation. Moreover, these alternatives are quite adaptable, since they may be used to dispose of a multitude of waste.


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