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If you need paper waste collected and recycled, Professional Waste Company should be the first company you call. We are the company to call because of our excellent customer service and low costs. We provide a dependable service. We are dedicated to offering a high-quality commercial waste service, such as paper waste recycling, that is both affordable and timely. We provide a cost-effective solution to small and large organizations, as well as huge construction and building companies. Again, we offer all this with the greatest service at the most affordable price. Contact us today on 0161 635 0480.

We have been in business for almost 30 years. We feel that our company’s special identity stems from our consistent dedication to excellence in achieving our business goals in the areas of providing services that are of high quality. This also reflects in our policies and methods for environmental management, and our policies and procedures relating to health and safety. All these are essential to our customers’ happiness and are in the best interests of those who may be interested in our business.


What is Paper Waste Recycling?

The recycling of paper involves converting waste paper into new paper products. There are many advantages to this method, including preventing waste papers from entering the atmosphere and releasing methane when they decompose. The fibre in paper contains carbon (from the tree that made it), so recycling keeps carbon locked up and away from the atmosphere for longer periods.  Paper recycling is extremely beneficial, even if not all of it is recycled into new paper. The fibres become too short to make new paper after repeated processing, which is why fresh fibre (from sustainably farmed trees) is frequently added to the pulp recipe. 

Professional Waste Company  has been in the business of paper waste recycling for more than 30 years and has all the required knowledge of recycling waste. Trust us to handle your waste in the best possible way. 


Reasons Why Recycling is Better For The Environment

Recycling reduces energy consumption, albeit the amount of energy saved is debatable. According to some estimates, recycling one ton of newspaper saves around 4,000 kWh of power. This is enough electricity to power a three-bedroom European house for a year, or to heat and cool the average North American home for over six months. As a result of recycling, there is a 35% reduction in water pollution and a 74% reduction in air pollution compared to virgin paper production.

It is not uncommon for pulp mills to pollute both the air and the water, especially if the pulp is bleached. Pulp mills are plants where virgin paper is made from. However, in contrast with mills from decades ago, modern mills emit significantly less pollution. Furthermore, nowadays many fibres are available as alternatives to virgin paper, including recycled paper. Recycled pulp can be bleached using the same chemicals as fresh pulp, however, hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydrosulphite are the most commonly used bleaching agents. In 2014, Europe’s paper recycling rate was 71.7 percent. 


Paper Waste Recycling Process

Companies are required by law to have recycling procedures in place for all and any waste types, including paper waste, with the help of registered waste companies. Call us today to discuss your paper recycling needs with us. 

The first step in the paper recycling process is to sort the paper into different types and grades. The paper is then washed in soapy water to remove any film, glue, ink, or other impurities. After being washed, the paper is transferred to a huge container and combined with water to make a pulp.

The pulp is then pressed, dried, and rolled into enormous, thin sheets of recycled paper with a length of up to 81 kilometres. After all this, the rolls are ready to be cut and used for newspapers, books, and other things that we see and use on a regular basis.

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